You can run a cloud server on AWS Amazon for $1 for the whole year.

Yes, you read that correct. AWS Amazon is offering 1 year cloud services for a whopping $1 USD. Did i say whopping or paltry?

AWS has been offering a free tier which grants the user an insight into Amazon AWS services. You can sign-up and get a hands on experience for 12 months only for $1. While you may be excited to access this service, you are adviced to closely look at what falls under free tier as any additional services will be charged accordingly.

The free tier consists of the following:

  • 750hrs Compute
  • 1GB Analytics
  • 750Hrs RDS Database
  • 5GB s3 Storage
  • 1 Million AWS Lambda requests.

This has caused other competitors to re-consider their free trial period and the amount of features to offer during the trial period.

The ever raging cloud war is not over yet with the recent change and shift of other major players like Google Cloud which has increased it’s trial time from 1 month to 12 months.

Microsoft Azure as well has many trials on offer. Which leaves the consumer with many options to choose from depending with the desired usage.

For a closer comparison of major cloud services, you may use these following site: