Become relevant or risk being obsolete in the face of AI

While the war of Artificial Intelligence is going on silently but with fierce motion and scramble for the top position there are many things we can do to influence or make ourselves relevant. As we are all aware that AI is widely considered a serious threat to many jobs, we can either learn how to make it work for us in our various fields of concern or risk being offloaded altogether as a country, a business institute, education institute or individual.

As i attended the Google Cloud – Cloud OnAir, I noticed that as long you play along with technology you will always find a way of being relevant by looking for solutions with the latest tech before it over-takes you.

You can experiment with Google AI on and You will also find interesting. They have taught a machine to recognize drawings and further to tell objects found in a video clip such that you can search for a certain part which has a specific image or object.

While on this one, you can imagine the number of businesses that will benefit from this Artificial Intelligence. While other providers are charging an arm and leg for such services, Google is open-sourcing it and can be found for free onĀ
I can foresee computers teaching ECD in schools and other use cases which our young generation can put their minds to. So be an early bird and venture into
this technology.