The scramble for trademarks and domain names.

We live in a world where opportunism, speculation and get-rich-over-night are becoming a serious concern.
During the 2008 inflation in Zimbabwe, most people quickly shot to riches by speculating. This is a sore concern especially to businesses that heavily invested in developing and growing their brand for a long time.

Ignorance might be bliss but can be costly and not an excuse. In 1st world countries, intellectual property is a big asset which is secured professionally. When you come to developing countries, you find that upcoming businesses with a lot of inventions can easily be flushed out of business, ordered to stop using their trade names, forced to shut down or worse still sued for a large sums of money.

Am i seeing a loophole here? You could actually live on income generated from selling speculative domain name hoarding though you would scarcely do it without skirmishes.

It is good business ethics to register brand names, product names, church name, logos and any other associated identity of the said business.
With the rampart adoption of Internet business, imagine you make the noble decision to take your “Example Company” business, Church or any entity on-line obviously to register it as and you are told “That domain is already taken”.

It will be so devastating to know that customers land on a “wrong” website and that your on-line presence will forever be dented. This happened to Nissan Motor Corporation and they had a long legal battle.
You should also manage your domains lest you forget to renew them and someone buys them. Many respected companies have gone through this pitfall including Google, Microsoft, Samsung and many others. Some had to pay a significant amount of money to redeem their domains back.

Outstanding companies have mastered the art of branding and will fight serious battles to protect their brand. As a company, you are encouraged to register your company domain name before someone else does it. While you are there, you also should register all the other variants of your domain name to avoid someone masquerading, trademark dilution and trademark infringement.(Nissan vs Nissan)


So go ahead and protect your brand by registering it with the respective registrars. Please note that some domains will require you to provide proof of residency.

Local brand registration:

Deeds Office

Further detailed step by step guide on “How To Register A Domain Name” can be found on