The effect of Artificial Intelligence on traditional service provision and how to survive the AI reformation.

So this guy gets really annoyed by ATS and writes a job application bot. For those of you who are not familiar with Application Tracking System(ATS), it is a computer system that receives and sorts applications and selects the best matches.

The bot applied for a thousand jobs. His argument was, if these guys use a computer to “read” applications, he might as well give them their own treat. With the rapid discovery and use of AI, I really wonder what else will be done by computers while we sit ourselves fat.

Many vigorous and game-changing businesses have always introduced or embraced new technology and suddenly shot to great heights. Look at Amazon which is a leader in cloud computing – scarcely without much argument from the traditional computer companies. They took cloud computing and ran away with it, so to speak.

Oracle once issued a very dangerously scoffing statement about cloud technology and they almost lost their game on it. Now they are running wild and everywhere trying to prove that “Anything Amazon Can Do, We Can Do Better”. Microsoft was a staunch anti-preacher and unbeliever of open-source let alone Linux OS but today their very cloud is courting many Linux solutions and Linux command can now be run in Windows, who knows what else will come.
As of today both Microsoft and Apple have open-sourced their platforms, because of the power of game-changing solutions.

It goes to show that anything that is offered as an alternative solution to monopoly, sooner or later becomes a force to reckon with. In the same wake, I believe that if young entrepreneurs and graduates in our beloved country will stop crying about joblessness and start thinking on solutions to day-to-day problems that have been addressed by erratic service provision, they will soon become strong game-changing business solutions that are difficult to ignore.

I remember years ago when one student from Westgate Vocational Training in Bulawayo invented a frequency generating device that irritates mosquitoes to an extent they just avoid coming in a home equipped with one. It was showcased at the ZITF many years ago, years after I saw an advert on SABC of the same device now commercialized. No doubt somebody saw the idea and made money out of it.

In my previous article about the scramble for trademark, I talked at length about the need to protect intellectual property. I still wait and encourage young people to open up their minds to technology and start harnessing its power in developing solutions for day-to-day problems like this job application bot. With the recent claims of Russia meddling in USA election through social media and the addition of a Cyber Security ministry in Zimbabwe, one can start start thinking along those lines and ride on the wave to successful business solutions.

The first step would be to develop a culture of sharing ideas and supporting each other. Let’s share ideas and advice on business solutions, tips and hacks.