Multi-monitor streaming or sharing with wireless HDMI

In my previous post about multi-monitor video wall, i mentioned how to create a an affordable display wall using various solutions.
With the numerous cables flying around – though some can do great structured cabling, it will soon be a mess or at one time you will suffer from signal loss after either a snapped head or a broken cable.
For longer distances you will also have an increased latency  though signal boosting can remedy the situation.

In an environment where you may want to broadcast or stream your presentation to many monitors or in a smart office you may employ the usage of Wireless HDMI.
No need for cables and connections. Wireless HDMI can even be used to present information from a mobile device or any device that can connect to a network.

How it works.

Simply connect your Wireless HDMI stick to your monitor, connect it your your wlan and you are almost done.
On your streaming device, download and install an app to connect to your Wireless HDMI and all is set. You can use this for classroom presentation, in a Church service to stream to many screens, in the Office for presentation and even at home to play a movie from your mobile device and stream it to a big screen

Although there are similar products on the market, Airtame stands out by price, simplicity and customer support. See the comparison on their page

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You can also buy some from Amazon, eBay or Souq

Typical network installation

Streaming to many devices over the network with Airtame wireless HDMI

Images courtesy of Airtame and Souq