The new “apt” command for system administration on Debian Linux distributions.


In case you missed it, as of Ubuntu 16.04 a new command for “ease of use” was introduced. You may wake up one day and fail to update your system and get the shock of your life if Debian based linux OS finally decides to completely drop the swiss army knife “apt-get” command.
“Apt-get” has now mastered the art of “GETTING” and no longer needs to be told – as it were.

 You apparently will now type “apt” only plus the additional switches instead of “apt-get”.As a backward compatible operating system, both commands are usable interchangeably – at least for now.


apt-get update is now apt update
apt-get install in now apt install
apt-get dist-upgrade is now apt full-upgrade
apt-get autoremove is now apt remove

You can alternatively get help from the famous man pages by issuing “man apt” or simple help “apt –help” or visit Debian howto

So if you’re a a lazy guy like me, enjoy the use of the shortened command, after-all computers were made to make work easier for us.