Malware Alert: Your Computer Has Been Banned.

Be warned of a malware come-back called “Your Windows has been banned”. This malware was first reported in 2016. “Your Windows Has Been Banned” appears on the computer and locks the screen after booting into Windows and gives victim 2 options:

1) Buy new key for Windows for $50 in Bitcoin.
2) Delete entire data and render the PC unusable for future use.

This malware looks like was developed by a novice targeted at basic Users to trick them into paying the attacker. This malware is avoidable and can be cleaned easily.

The weakest link in Information Technology Security has always been an untrained user. Users tend to click on any appealing offers, download and run attachments or click links from unknown senders resulting in infections or a complete high-jacking of their computer. It is good practice to equip users with security awareness to stop the hacker in his track. Such basic knowledge is paramount. A simple trick used by hackers is to call and pretend to be from a well-known organization and fish for protected information. Apart from educating users all Operating Systems and applications must be updated to avoid exploitation of any known security holes.

Tools for recovery include:
BitDefender Anti-Ransomware
Free Cybersecurity awareness training
Alternatively use simulators to test your users after training

Beat hackers on their game