Infomation Technology Certification Beta Exams

LPI-1 Linux Admin for free and AWS SysOps for $75​

With the boom of technology and division into numerous, different and yet inter-connecting technologies in our moden day, there is an increasing gap between what the college degree offers and what the industry is demanding.

Technology Manufacturers, Visionaries, and market leaders (sometimes vendors too) have resorted to training and certifying users for the better adoption and market share of their products and / or services. On the top of these certifications is Cloud architecting / engineering, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cyber Security, Machine Learning and IoT

Major players like Microsoft, Google, AWS Amazon, Security companies and Open source foundations which have of late dominated the I.T knowledge requirement; have crafted their own training course material and certifying boards recognized internationally by approved standards.

Previously, I wrote an article about MOOC which has since flooded the market making learning quite easy. For those who may be interested in Beta exams, ther are some organizations which offer such. Beta exams are a set of exam questions which are used to determine the quality of an examination. It’s either offered for free or at a greatly discounted price.