How to get paid while learning with Bitdegree

Bitdegree is a Block-chain powered on-line education platform written with scholarships & tech talent acquisition. The use of block-chain is is worthy the while for busting fake degrees and unifying certification because it has permanent verifiable learning records. This may disrupt the education system at large.

Many globally recognized institutions are already offering massive open on-line course (mooc) offering certificates after completion. One major example is Harvard University which participates on

Getting paid for learning? The platform provides incentives in tokens which can be used as scholarship. Employers can also use Bitdegree to headhunt talent from the same pool or students.

Bitdegree seeks to bridge the gap between the extremely volatile IT industry and what the Universities are teaching. With the rapid changes it is difficult for universities and colleges to keep up resulting in teaching outdated systems or information which lacks the practical industrial world. This initiative may have a huge impact on the education system world-over.

Currently Web Developer courses on offer include: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Bootstrap 4, SQL and SOLIDITY with others to follow. View courses here

Etherium powered learning platform

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