The future of the Desktop PC : Exit Desktop enter Deskpod

Desktop PC might become obsolete very soon with the introduction of new sustainable devices that that perform same functions like the PC.In my previous article, i talked about the Intel Compute Stick which is posing a fair challenge to the PC. The compute stick is highly mobile though it has its own disadvantages as well.
Surely the PC has held on for a long while but it may soon be time to pack and go to the measium of computer technology. The Deskpod may soon be the new SOHO computer.

“It produces least amount of heat for which fan is not needed. It’s a new innovative technology that consumes very less power and so very less heat. Moreover, the material used in Deskpod Box dissipates the heat efficiently. Therefore; there is no need for cooling fan in this set. Deskpod is designed with better passive cooling technology.” Deskpod

The whole world is screaming hoarse on green computing or generally going green and the Deskpod is one such solution. It’s features prove so. Thin clients and other mini desktops have emerged before but Deskpod seems different.

  • Based on specially designed SOC to reduce size and power consumption
  • Can Run below 5 Watts power consumption
  • Size of the device as small as apprx 2 inch X 2 inch X 1 inch
  • Low cost among all computers with similar system configuration
  • Separate GPU with Intel Gen8 12 to 16 core. So, good for gaming without extra investment on separate Graphic card.
  • Compact and portable
  • Intel Atom Cherry Trail
  • Can be installed with Windows-10 OS, Linux or Android OS
Technical Specifications

Case : Material Special Plastic with Rubber Treatment and with heat dissipating capacity without blocking Wi-Fi signals.
Model : No Wave 32 / Wave 64
Color : Attractive Green/Pink/Orange/Black/Blue
CPU Brand : Intel
CPU Model : Intel Atom Cherry Trail processor family[up to 2.40 Ghz frequency ] CPU Cores : Quad core
GPU : 12 to 16 cores Intel Gen8 GPU
Memory : Up to 8GB LPDDR3
Internal Storage : 32 GB / 64 GB / 128 GB eMMC Flash
Expandable Storage : 2 x USB 2.0 host, support USB mobile hard drive, up to 2TB
                                      2 x USB 3.0 port with upto 5 gbps speed of data transfer.
                                      1 x TF card slot, support micro SD card, up to 128GB
WiFi Connectivity : 150M WiFi
WiFi Antenna Capacity : 1 x 10 dBi Antenna
Network : Ethernet 1 gbps Ethernet port
Bluetooth : Bluetooth 4.0
Video Decoder : Supports 4k video decoder at h/w.
Video Output : HDMI 1.4a VGA, up to 1920 x 1080 60Hz
Audio Output : HDMI 1.4a, L/R stereo 3.5 mm jack

Images courtesy of Deskpod