How to compare CRMs and get the best for your money.

It is in the best interest of all conscience business people to make as much money as possible from less expenditure. Learn how to be smart and compare CRMs which are available in the market.

The role of the IT Personal has evolved significantly over the years. In olden days, you had few options to choose from if any. With the introduction of open source, freemium, “As- a-Service”, pay what you use only and many other options which are available on the market. It has become relatively not easy to just lookup a well marketed product and buy it without making a meaningful comparison.

Among other determining variables, the following has to be considered:

  1. On premisies
  2. Supported OS
  3. Web based
  4. Virtual ready
  5. Subscription based
  6. Perpetual license
  7. Cost
  8. Features

While one can do a good job on comparing and securing the desired product, you can also add some weight by employing the use of online comparing tools.

Which tools do you use to compare the features and prices of CRMs or any software before buying?