How to scam the phishing scammer by keeping him busy on the bait using AI


How to use AI to deal with phishing emails in an organization. In my previous article I wrote about security awareness for users and the need to educate them on phishing. According to “People spend a total of 17 hours a week reading, responding and sending work emails both at work and at home.” This can … Read more

How to stream your media or share your screen with wireless HDMI

Multi-monitor streaming or sharing with wireless HDMI In my previous post about multi-monitor video wall, i mentioned how to create a an affordable display wall using various solutions.With the numerous cables flying around – though some can do great structured cabling, it will soon be a mess or at one time you will suffer from … Read more

How to stay safe on Zimbabwean roads with Head-up display

head-up display

How to stay safe on zimbabwean roads with Head-up Display (HUD) Technology Head(s)-up display (HUD) according to Wikipedia is any transparent display that presents data without requiring users to look away from their usual viewpoints. The origin of the name stems from a pilot being able to view information with the head positioned “up” and … Read more

Multi-monitor video wall

Buld a multi-monitor video display wall. Many technology companies go with such inspiring mottos from “Let’s make thinks better”, “Life’s good”, “A better life,a better world”, “Inspire the World, Create the Future.” and many more. The idea behind all these is to provide simple solutions to our daily problems and needs. Many outstanding spots in … Read more