The effect of Artificial Intelligence on traditional service provision and how to survive the AI reformation

AI robot

The effect of Artificial Intelligence on traditional service provision and how to survive the AI reformation. So this guy gets really annoyed by ATS and writes a job application bot. For those of you who are not familiar with Application Tracking System(ATS), it is a computer system that receives and sorts applications and selects the … Read more

How to move a Windows Installation to a new computer

How to move a hard drive to a new computer without re-installing Windows. Have you ever wondered and scratched your head over some things and wished it could be done easier? As a System Administrator and Tech Support person, I have had sometime to move a hard drive to a new computer after the motherboard … Read more

BitCoin Hardware Wallet

BitCoin Crypto-currency Hardware Wallet Overview The economy of Zimbabwe  has long been plagued by various troubles which hopefully someday will be fixed. In the same wake many business people and enthusiasts who want to keep up with the global village have since started meddling with the famous BitCoin currency which proves to be sweeping over … Read more

How to hack a website that is behind CloudFlare CDN

Forensic Investigation On CDN Hidden Hebsites This article is not intended for rogue hackers or those who intend to cause damage, tarnish or steal information. It is intended for the genuine good use especially forensics or testing and verifying the safety and security of data and to unearth or unhide scrupulous dealers that hide behind … Read more

Point of Service / Sale (POS) Mini PC Tablet

POS tablet

Point Of Service / Sale (POS) Ready Tablet For those in the Retail industry, there is good news on major savings on hardware needed to run your Point Of Sale/Service system. Meet the HIGOLE GOLE10, a tablet mini PC equipped with minimum features needed to operate seamlessly as a POS device. The major exciting features … Read more

Malware Alert: Your Windows Has Been Banned

Your windows has been banned

Malware Alert: Your Computer Has Been Banned. Be warned of a malware come-back called “Your Windows has been banned”. This malware was first reported in 2016. “Your Windows Has Been Banned” appears on the computer and locks the screen after booting into Windows and gives victim 2 options: 1) Buy new key for Windows for … Read more

How to stream your media or share your screen with wireless HDMI

Multi-monitor streaming or sharing with wireless HDMI In my previous post about multi-monitor video wall, i mentioned how to create a an affordable display wall using various solutions.With the numerous cables flying around – though some can do great structured cabling, it will soon be a mess or at one time you will suffer from … Read more

The scramble for trademark or domain names

Registered Trademark

The scramble for trademarks and domain names. We live in a world where opportunism, speculation and get-rich-over-night are becoming a serious concern.During the 2008 inflation in Zimbabwe, most people quickly shot to riches by speculating. This is a sore concern especially to businesses that heavily invested in developing and growing their brand for a long … Read more

How to stay safe on Zimbabwean roads with Head-up display

head-up display

How to stay safe on zimbabwean roads with Head-up Display (HUD) Technology Head(s)-up display (HUD) according to Wikipedia is any transparent display that presents data without requiring users to look away from their usual viewpoints. The origin of the name stems from a pilot being able to view information with the head positioned “up” and … Read more

Multi-monitor video wall

Buld a multi-monitor video display wall. Many technology companies go with such inspiring mottos from “Let’s make thinks better”, “Life’s good”, “A better life,a better world”, “Inspire the World, Create the Future.” and many more. The idea behind all these is to provide simple solutions to our daily problems and needs. Many outstanding spots in … Read more