Beat The Ever Increasing Cyber Attacks With Tryhackme’s Pre-Security Learning Path

Tryhackme Pre-Security Path

Tryhackme Pre-Security Learning Path

A nicely crafted learning path to give you a solid foundation for your Cyber Security career or awareness

Like a heavily pregnant woman who is under heavy constant labour pains about to pop any time, the world is gripped with serious, heart-breaking and frequent cyber breaches. Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have witnessed numerous breaches and from the look of things, it’s even getting worse by the day.

One wonders what will happen next. Is there any System which can not be broken into at all? Is there any Cyber Solution that can one can just install, smile and forget, as it were?

List Of Some Recent Breaches That rocked The Internet

  • Colonial Pipeline.
  • SolarWinds.
  • Microsoft.
  • CNA.
  • JBS, a Brazilian meat processor.

    You can read the full comprehensive list here

Those who are in the know say to maintain a sound Cyber Security posture, many aspects are involved. There are many frameworks that are available that help organization create and adhere to certain standards in order to eradicate or reduce the attack surface. These include :

  • Identify: Understand and recognize potential risks based on the data that is regularly handled, the client base, and the regulations that are relevant to the organization.
  • Protect: Invest in the appropriate protective technologies and implement security procedures, such as employee training and system patching.
  • Detect: Continuously monitor for cyber threats and system vulnerabilities.
  • Respond: Prepare a plan to mitigate security breaches and communicate with staff and customers.
  • Recover: Restore systems, patch system flaws, and take steps to manage the organization’s reputation.

Does this sound complex to you? Do you really have to care or you’ll leave it to the I.T gurus. Well, it seems like in the age we are living in, we can not completely avoid to be Cyber-aware. We generate a lot of data at home and at the office on various gadgets that we use. Be it on social media, business or your home devices that are connected to the internet.

If you are a layman(woman), you should at least equip yourself with awareness and best practices to avoid falling in these technology ditches.

There is a lot of free (unstructured) information available online which one might choose to use. On the other hand, there are some platforms dedicated to teaching / training users of different interests and stages.

One among the best such is Tryhackme. This platform has different learning paths for Complete Beginners, Early Intermediate, intermediate and Advanced in different disciplines of Cyber Security. You are really spoilt for choice with various disciplines like Web Penetration Testing, Cyber Defense, Offensive Penetration Testing and many more.

Tryhackme has a striking offer for beginner. The recent addition is called Pre-Security which seems to structure the carve out a strong foundation so that one can steer off in a good direction later.

Do not deliberately walk out on a landmine infested cyber terrain without the basic awareness of how to protect yourself or to spot “trouble”. So head over to Tryhackme and signup for the Pre-Security  learning path and many other available hands-on practical cyber-security tutorials. Did I mention that half of the content is available for FREE. Yes for free. You may also choose to subscribe for yet more excellent content