Alternative Domain Controller / Active Directory System.

There are many ways to kill a cat – they say. But why kill it in the first place? In an enterprise or business environment, there is need to control the access and use of resources shared over the network. Microsoft’s Windows Servers have for long dominated and ruled the market. Most people are now blindly following the trail of certain trends while there are other several solutions to killing the same said cat and sometime way cheaper or for free.

This article will handle all the ‘old & trusted’, ‘young & up-coming’ ‘small & portable’ and the open source alternatives which are available in the market.

While Microsoft’s Server system proves to be ruling them all, there are other alternatives which are equally competitive. Below is a list of DC / AD systems which can be used in the stead of Microsoft Windows Server.

This list is obviously not exhaustive. You may tell us which one you are using.


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