Artificial Intelligency – Voice Assistance.

Technology is advancing in such strides it will scare you if you hear some of the latest technology and let alone future tech. Remember the days when robots were first featured in movies and it seemed but a thing of movies only.

Computers are learning faster and catching up with human so to speak. Besides the text-to-speech(which used to be buggy and uninteresting to listen to) they have now upped the game to natural language processing technology (NLP). Which brings us to our age of Voice Assistance.

Now what is this Voice Assistance?

Simply put it is the ability to issue commands to a smart device and it simply understands and executes the commands.

Scientists have been loosing their hairs and sleep while developing this technology. There are major players in this business which makes recognition a matter of war.

Apple Mac has it’s own Siri
The mighty Google prides in Google Assistant
Microsoft will plug you with Cortana
Amazon has the challenging Alexa

With the age of IoT(Internet of things) Voice Assistance is now usable almost in any smart device and it would be completely stupid to ignore it.

Use cases of AI Voice Assistance

  • Home Automation – Smart homes
  • Computer Automation
  • Automobile Automation Smart cars
  • Infortainment
  • Entertainment
  • Information

Developers are strongly urged to wrap their brains around this technology in their coding so that their applications can be compatible with this technology. Hardware manufactures also on the other hand have harnessed this technology and came out with smart home devices which include: coffee makers, microwaves, lighting system, alarm system, smart TV and many more. The internet is awash with videos of home use cases of this technology. Which might mean that in the future, shoppers might opt for a smart device over the old type.

Amazon have been perfecting their skill on their Alexa echo and behold the Alexa echo dot which is very affordable.
What does this all mean to the System Administrator, Network Administrator, Software Engineer and the whole Information Technology industry?

Below are some use cases where Alexa has been successfully connected to operating systems or IoT and the user simply speaks a command and Alexa executes it.

Use of Amazon’s Alexa Echo dot in IT Automation
Network Administrator PRTG. Guide: Connect your PRTG to your Amazon Echo/Alexa
Data voiceulization with Dynatrace : Using Alexa to administrator cloud virtual environment. Creating and managing Cloud Servers With Alexa

The future of IT Administration with AI Voice Assistance.

There are so many things which can be done using this technology, we only await to see the young and daring that will come up with ideas, create a market and change the game.

Head over to AWS for more

A Cloud gurus is offering a free Course on Alexa. Head over ther for more info. Amazon’s AVS is also offering courses on AI and holds a tone of inspiring cases. A Cloud Guru also has bundled some certification practice exam which you can apparently enjoy for free using Alexa.

Me being an open source lover, i could not resist trying to find out about an alternative open source of Voice Assistance. There seems to be many out there but of much interest is Mycroft which seems to be gaining much ground. you can download it and teach it a lot of things also connecting it to your smart devices.

For those aching to lay their geeky hands on Amazon’s Alexa, you can now try it online at Echosim. Simply create account with Amazon and sign in to make settings and add skills.

What does all this information mean to someone that can turn a simple idea into millions of dollars? Re-think service delivery and customer services in all business sectors, you will soon be flooded with bright ideas.