AI Retail Checkout-Free Technology

Artificial Intelligence is taking by storm the know technology world and even creating new ways of making our lives better.  In one of my numerous articles about AI, i explained at length the need to adapt to A.I technology or risk becoming obsolete. It’s still very arguable whether we’re losing many jobs to AI than the ones created but for a fact AI is making our lives way better like Philips has always been advocating for – “Let’s make things better”

Recently a company by the name of Zippin, developed next generation of checkout-free technology powered by AI.

Now what is this new seemingly promising technology and how will it benefit the general public? With Zippin’s checkout-free technology, it means no more winding down long queues that are typical in some popular big chain stores.

While you’re still dazzled by the almost impossible, difficult to-do-away with old queues, let’s see how it works. Zippin uses AI, machine learning and sensor fusion technology with overhead cameras, as well as smart shelf sensors which track customers as soon as they walk in and authorise their payment method.

As soon as I mention “track customers”, some readers are about to freak out – so to speak. Hold it a bit and let’s learn more about it.

There is a major concern with shopper privacy which according to them “Zippin does not use facial recognition or any kind of biometric tracking. Our overhead cameras follow the top of shoppers’ heads as they make their way around the store. These work in conjunction with shelf sensors which track the movement of product. We do not identify individuals by name.”

Zippin are a SaaS company which means they do not operate any stores but rather provide this service to retail owners. Retailers can drastically reduce the overall shopping time thereby improving customer satisfaction and realising more returns.

So who is already using this technology? A San Francisco retail store is already using this technology and Amazon has  a similar solution running on check-out free technology namely Amazon Go.

You can get this solution at Getzippin

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